What is You Mellow?

You Mellow (www.youmellow.com) is the website that offers you the treatment deals online. You can easily search for spas, wellness centers, beauty salons, and beauty clinics by location, price, popularity or type of treatment.


How do I pay for my booking?

Our payment method made through the vendor’s counter directly where you book for a treatment.


How do I know my booking is complete?

You will receive a confirmed email from the vendor as soon as possible once they receive your enquiry.


How do I contact the vendor where I want to go?

All vendors’details contain all the contact information of the vendor you selected on You mellow website.


If I have questions or have difficulties on looking for vendor, who can I contact?

If you wish to contact us regarding your order or if you have any other online difficulties, our Customer Care service is available 24/7 through any of the following convenient Live chat:


Whatsapp: +66 98 989 6915

Skype: youmellow

Viber: youmellow

E-Mail: cs@youmellow.com


How can I prepare myself before going to have a treatment?

The spas, wellness centers, beauty salons, and beauty clinics are a retreat for your body, mind and spirit. For the consideration of others, we request that visitors keep noise to a minimum. Children may not be allowed at those places. We ask that you respect other guests’ privacy by speaking softly. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment to avoid reduced treatment time. A late arrival may result in a shortened treatment to accommodate other guests fairly. We recommend that no jewelry be worn. Those places may not accept responsibility for the loss of money or valuables. It is also recommended to avoid the consumption of alcohol or heavy meals prior to, or after any treatment.


If I don’t have time to go after I send enquiry. Can I give my booking to my friend?

All enquiries of your treatment booking is based on the policy of each vendor. Please contact that vendor to identify the purchaser name and contact details to clarify for you.


If I decide I would like to have treatment(s) in addition to those covered by my enquiry will the Spa Mellow discount apply to the additional treatment(s) I select?

The cost of all treatments beyond what is covered by your enquiry will be at the regular rate charged by that vendor you selected. The additional cost will be paid directly and not through You Mellow.


What if I lose my enquiry details?

Please contact our Customer Care service and we will transfer your request to the vendor you selected. You will need to confirm your identity with the same enquiry number you used to send to.


Can I go to use the treatment any time after I send enquiry?

You may only able to wait for the response from the vendor you selected and get the confirmation letter with the date or dates shown on that letter. Please be sure to check the validity dates on the confirmation letter you receive from the vendor.


If I encounter problems of any kind during my treatment what can I do?

The You Mellow is a directory online website to make it easy for you to find spas, wellness centers, beauty salons, and beauty clinics. If the vendor you selected does not meet your expectations, you should make a complaint directly to that management.