Body Scrub Lover!!!

Our beauty tip today is about coffee grounds. That’s right… coffee grounds can be used to treat your body. Here’s how it works Coffee grounds can be used as a scrub to help remove dead skin cells. Spa Mellow recommends that you mix fresh milk and honey with the coffee grounds. Now you will cleanse, […]

How to clean makeup brushes

Keep your makeup brushes in top shape and make sure they stay soft and free bacteria. Keep your makeup brushes clean with Spa Mellow. We recommend you once a week. Learn how If the brushes have been used for cream-based makeup, they need a deeper clean than the one you used for the powder-based makeup. […]

Spa Bergamot for Hair and Scalp

You know, Thailand is the one of hot country. So, women have a trouble things about hair breakage and dandruff. Today, We have good tips kind of natural such as bergamot is the one for hair care. Bergamot is a popular herbal since ancient. Especially, bergamot is a good product for help your hair lead […]

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Reflexology Massage

Walking is the best way of all exercises but as you know put lot of weight and stress on your feet everyday is tension for your muscles. Spa Mellow article this week to talk about reflexology. Reflexology treatment is an ancient Chinese techniques that focusing on the feet. By massage applying pressure to feet, hands, […]

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